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Why solar roof tiles?

The ultimate solution for eye-catching buildings. Solar roof tiles are barely noticeable. Many municipalities use solar roof tiles on buildings that are labelled as 'protected city and village sites'. The appearance of a house often improves by the application of solar roof tiles, especially when old concrete roof tiles are replaced.

Power production
The power production of the ZEP solar roof tile is comparable to modern, regular solar panels.

Properties Common ceramic roof tile Aesthetic integration:

  • the vertical and horizontal lines in the roof remain visible;
  • No adverse shadow effects;
  • Easy to integrate around skylight / former window / angle ridge / roof valley;
  • The roof pitch may vary between 20 and 80 degrees;
  • Accepted by many municipalities for buildings that are labelled as 'protected townscapes'.

Tile type: Nelskamp F10 U (available in three colours) Good guarantee provisions.