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Fire safety solar roof tiles

ZEP B.V. works solely with SolarEdge converters and optimizers. We want the best package for our customers, especially in the field of technology and safety. SolarEdge is at the forefront of safety and technology. In addition, they give a good warranty (25 years on power optimizers, 12 years on inverters).

Fire safety system 

PV systems are safe and do not endanger human and property, and yet, as long as the sun is shining, the PV cables are constantly under high DC voltage. A traditional inverter has no option to turn off the high voltage on the roof, the SolarEdge system has this! The system automatically turns off DC voltage when AC power is off. SolarEdge optimizers automatically turn off DC voltage in PV wiring to protect installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters. These are the only inverters that comply with the most advanced European safety guidelines.