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Frequently Asked Questions Solar roof tiles

Q What is the efficiency of a solar cell roof relative to traditional panels?
A The solar cells in the solar cell pans are among the most advanced solar cells at the moment. By the application of four bushbars (vertical strips on the solar cell) maximizes output. The efficiency of our solar cells is similar to one  traditional panel, however, our module efficiency is 20.22%, which is slightly higher than the average PV panels (module efficiency varying between 14-17%).

Q What is the price difference between ordinary solar panels and solar cell pans?
A Compared to replacing the tiles and loose panels, the price for replacing the roof tiles is included solar cell tiles approximately 10% higher. Compared to an input system, the price of solar cell tiles substantially matches.

Q Does the roof tile do not shade on the solar cell?
A Depending on the orientation and inclination of the roof, shadow formation may occur very early in the morning or late in the afternoon the solar cells arise. Due to the fact that the sun is only at minimal strength, the loss of efficiency remains negligible.

Q Is there no greater risk of leakage?
A no. To ensure the waterproofing of the roof tile we only use the very best materials: extremely liquid-tight westwald clay, tempered glass and a double seal of a two-component kit system. Our solar cell pans have been tested by TÜV Rheinland under very extreme environmental conditions from -40 ° C to 105 ° C, which did not cause leakage. We give 30 years warranty on leakage.

Q Do not all the roofing plugs do not endanger?
A Our solar cell pans are equipped with TÜV approved mc4 connectors that connect very accurately. During installation there is one audible click so the installer knows that the roof tile is properly connected. In addition, the plugs are stored dry under the roof tiles, which can exclude the risk of electrocution (other than traditional solar panels).

Q If a solar cell roof is broken, does not my entire roof work?
A The solar cell pans are switched in series of about 30 solar cell pans on a Power Optimizer, which will prevent your entire roof from falling when a roof tile breaks unexpectedly. In case of malfunction, you will immediately receive a specified message in your mailbox. Because of the simple 'plug and play' system usually detects the defective roof tile in less than 15 minutes and replaces it.

Q Is the system applicable to each roof and how does this fit the neighbors roof tiles?
A The system can be laid on roofs with a roof pitch of 20 to 80 degrees, and connect seamlessly to the Nelskamp F10U roof tiles. If your neighbors have another roof tile, a nice and solid solution will be created in the form of a well-drained gutter at the residence separation. (see illustration)